Johnny Vincent
Product Manager/Operations
at Octi


Production Power

Transforming Calvin Klein commercials into interactive experiences, writing coverage for Fox 2000’s blockbuster The Monuments Men, producing a documentary on the broken lives of wildfire survivors; my passion for production is comprehensive. Some stories need to be told.

Tech Multi Tool

Testing computer vision algorithms, innovating systems construction, writing and improvising code, and working with brilliant people compels me towards steady and rapid ingenuity.

Consultant at Heart

With a Management Consulting/Film Production BBA from the University of Notre Dame, I strive to optimize pipelines, solve problems, and exceed clients' expectations.


Lilith's Game

Producer - Short Film

Fuisz Studio Demo

Producer - Fuisz Video


Producer - Fuisz Video

Activision Skylanders

Producer - Fuisz Video

Saints and Swimmers

Volunteer Producer - Short Series

Out of the Ashes

Producer - Short Film

Beautiful Day - Cover

Vocal Talent

About Me

Enhancing projects, film and television production, consulting, improving business models, technology – these things make my clock tick. Passionate about my work, I enjoy creative projects. As a Product Manager and Operations expert at Octi, I'm helping revolutionize how people create and share augmented reality content.

  • November 2017 - Present

    Octi - Product Manager and Operations

    At Octi, we're changing the way the world creates and shares augmented reality content.

    • 2017

      Innovid - Technical Account Manager (TAM)

      While at Innovid, I managed and served videos and companion banners for AAA clients. Tasked with inheriting and transitioning the massive geographically targeted Lexus campaigns, I quickly abosrbed processes for executing VAST, 1x1, and banner ads. Innovid's integration offerings forced me to dig deep into analytics and as an account manager, I was frequently relied on to solve discrepancies and optimize performance mid-campaign. With my background in interactive HTML VPAID technology, Innovid allocated me to interactive-inclined clients such as Oculus Facebook, Western Governors University, LesSchwab Tires, HP, and Disney. I was reponsible for rendered VAST creative QA for Disney's non-interactive inventory. My ad campaigns gathered hundreds of millions of impressions.

      • 2014 - 2016

        Fuisz Video - Executive Interactive Producer

        As the Executive Interactive Producer of Fuisz Video, I was responsible for the execution of all interactive videos. My team created interactive experiences for clients such as Ford, Dell, Walmart, Showtime, Activision, Annheuser Busch, McDonald's, Calvin Klein, and Nestle. Our videos have gathered millions of impressions. I worked with the engineering and design teams to perfect our production software with a filmmaker's perspective. I assisted in designing a "tagger": which allowed users of any skill-level to track items/people in videos with state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. Towards the end of Fuisz Video's exciting existence, I became internationally client-facing as a campaign manager. We ran our interactive experiences as standalone HTML videos, VPAID Flash, VPAID.JS, and MRAID complete with third-party tracking. My team was also responsible for the QA of every video experience and the entire Fuisz proprietary creation platform.

      • SUMMER 2013

        Fox 2000 Pictures - Executive Production and Development Intern

        As the sole Executive Production and Development intern of Fox 2000 Pictures, I provided coverage for scripts in Production or being considered for Production. I assisted in maintaining Production Books for the President and Vice President of Production, researched production and acting talent for upcoming films, and supported the office with administrative tasks. I provided coverage for The Fault in Our Stars, The Monuments Men, Poltergeist (2015),The Book Thief, The Counselor, and many more. I couldn't have been happier.

      • Summers of 2012-2013

        St. John's Episcopal School - IT Technician

        As the summer IT technician, I repaired and cleaned PCs and Macs, installed two computer labs by myself, imaged PCs via Windows Server, removed viruses, and aided in updating domain credentials.

      • SUMMER 2011

        Luxion ApS Keyshot - Business/Tech Intern

        At Luxion, I worked as a Business Administration and Software Tester intern. As a Business Administration intern, I generated reports from, researched potential leads, and participated in a webinar with clients. As a Software Tester, I analyzed and assessed new implementations of bumpmapping rendering and tested new product features. I also assisted in anti-piracy efforts.

      • 2010-2014

        University of Notre Dame - Double Major in Business/Consulting and Film Production

        At the University of Notre Dame, I double majored in Business Management Consulting and Film Production. The Mendoza College of Business (rated #1 in the country by Bloomberg 2010-2014) taught me Lean Six Sigma, Agile Scrum, and Quantitative Decision Modeling. As an Advanced film student, I produced three short films including a horror film, a slap-stick comedy, and a documentary about wildfire victims. In the advanced film track, I became competent with RED cameras, Premiere, Audition, Photoshop, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut, dollies, jibs, lighting, directing, acting, editing, audio production, and sound design.

      • Onward


Johnny Whichard

Product Manager and Operations at Octi

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